Reinventing (re)insurance by creating new synergies

By combining our (re)insurance know-how with innovation and data, our approach offers cutting-edge solutions to manage your risks successfully and with confidence.

AM Best Excellent A-
A bottom-up vision for (re)insurance solutions

The world is changing, (re)insurance too

  • $48+ M

    2021 Earnings Before Tax

  • $221+M

    2021 Earned Premium

  • 375%

    Solvency Capital Ratio

  • $1+ B

    Cumulative IAS results since 2000

  • $3 B

    Cumulative Earned Premium since 2000

At Stonefort Group, we strive to be a catalyst for change, challenging the status quo of doing things and always looking to improve on traditional approaches.

Our overriding operating ethos and approach is founded on doing things differently and offering a fresh and innovative approach to underwriting that delivers more efficient and effective solutions for our clients.

The alternative reinsurance reference in Luxembourg

The alternative reinsurance reference in Luxembourg

Established in 2000, Stonefort Reinsurance, with an AM Best rating of A-, is one of the largest and most successful non-life reinsurance companies based in Luxembourg. With a reputation for agility, innovation and rapid response, Stonefort Reinsurance provides bespoke solutions for a diverse range of risk exposures.


Stonefort RE

Stonefort Insurance offers market-leading risk protection specifically targeting those organisations with a genuine commitment to managing risk. Its A.M. Best Rating of A- 'Excellent' is testament to Stonefort Insurance’s disciplined underwriting, financial strength and solid security.

We insure what  really matters.

We insure what really matters


Stonefort INS

Our independent captive management services

Nothing is impossible for smart achievers motivated by an entrepreneurial mindset. You may recognize yourself in this statement, and so do we.

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A well-known & trusted approach to empower your business

We understand quickly and look for solutions in a smarter way

Trusted partner

We strongly believe that trust is the cornerstone of any relationship. We strive to form and nurture meaningful and lasting relationships with our clients and business partners based on openness, honesty, and integrity.

Risk aware

We place the effective management of risk and control of losses at the heart of our proposition. We are firm in our view that businesses practicing effective risk management are less likely to incur losses and claims.

Dedicated support

Stonefort Group’s commitment is its added value. This includes detailed risk surveys, claims and accident trend analysis, as well as benchmarking exercises and behavioural risk improvement initiatives.

Stonefort Group

We believe every Business is unique and deserves a unique solution

Our underwriting philosophy and risk appetite place the effective management of risk at the heart of our risk selection process

Accordingly, we are ready to consider risks from a wide spectrum of businesses, small and medium enterprises right through to large corporates, where there is evidence of a robust approach to managing risk in place that is directly instrumental in avoiding losses and claims.

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Our values
  • Respectful & Trustworthy
  • Innovative & Inspiring
  • Bold & Confident
  • Impassioned & Principled
A global reach

An international reach

As one of Luxembourg’s largest and foremost (re)insurers, Stonefort Group has an extensive distribution network that spans the globe.

We have a strong and established presence across mainland Europe, North America and Australasia and have ambitions to develop our footprint further in these territories and beyond.

It’s about data, technology and people.

Our solutions are tech-driven, our vision is human-led

We want to rebuild the industry from the bottom up; putting our clients’ needs at the heart of everything we do, helping them attain their goals using our agility and our inspiration.

We shall become big enough to be a market leader while at the same time staying small enough to remain intensely human and value driven.

Innovation will be the key to everything.

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John Morrey
John Morrey CEO